Third Party Providers

Since September 2020, Relationships Education has been compulsory in primary schools and RSE mandatory in secondary schools in England. The change left many teaching staff seeking guidance.

The void was filled by charities — some harbouring unconventional views on biological sex and sharing material on their websites that references underage sex. These organisations have twisted aspects of the curriculum in order to push the extreme views that they hold.

Here in Northern Ireland, when the curriculum changes will force schools to teach content that they have never taught before, outside training providers will be chomping at the bit to get into your child's school in order to promote their agenda.

Below are a number of organisations that parents should ensure do not get access to their children.

Informing Choices NI (ICNI)

Informing Choices NI (ICNI) are already recommended by CCEA to provide school based training.

In 2020, when abortions became available in Northern Ireland, ICNI acted as the central access point for abortion services in NI. Simply put a woman seeking an abortion would phone ICNI and then be referred to their local abortion clinic.

In this video, obtained by Abolish Abortion NI, Ruairi Rowan, Director of Advocacy & Policy for ICNI, reveals that they have also been using the Fraser guidlines to refer girls between 13 and 15 years old for abortion without their parents knowing.

Do you want people like Ruairi coming into you child's school to teach them how to access and perform their own abortions without you knowing anything about it? We don't either! Take action now!