Join your Board of Governors

Many people consider the Principal to be the chief authority of the school. The reality is, however, that they are simply an employee of the school tasked with the day to day running of the school.

The real decision makers in the school are the Board of Governors. It is they who discuss, create and vote on all policies that are implemented within the school - including the RSE Poilicy.

Every Board of Governors in every school has at least one Parent Governor who is elected on a four year basis. As the name suggests these Governors are parents of pupils in the school and, therefore, have an interest in the policies being created. They have the same voting rights as every other member of the Board of Governors and, therefore, can shape the direction of the school.

When a Board's four year term is up parents who are interested in becoming Parent Governors must first be nominated for a position with the school. If there are more nominations than space on the Board an election may take place.

Actions Points

  • Contact your child's school to find out how you can be nominated to be a Parent Governor and when the current Board of Governors is due to be reconstituted.
  • When the time comes stand for election and, if successful, shape your child's school's RSE Policy

Those who do not have a child of school age can still apply to become a Departmental Governor of the Board of Governors of their local school. This process is, however, dealt with by the Department of Education.

DE governors sit on the Boards of Governors of most schools ie. Controlled nursery, grammar and special schools, controlled integrated, grant maintained integrated, voluntary grammar, Catholic and other maintained schools. 

An application form to become a Departmental Governor can be found on the Department of Education's website by clicking here. Should you be interested in serving as a Departmental governor on the Board of Governors of any particular school, please make this clear on your application form.