Demand Devolution

An act of tyranny at Westminster in 2019 (Section 9 of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Act) stripped the Stormont Government of all power over abortion laws here. The Westminster Government, through the Secretary of State continue to push their abortion agenda on Northern Ireland.

The powers given to the Secretary of State, however, go far beyond commissioning abortion services. Section 9 gives the Secretary of State full control over sex education in our schools and places a requirement on him to ensure abortion is promoted as normal in our curriculum.

  • The Human Rights Commission back his changes.
  • Christian teachers face losing their jobs if they refuse to teach about LGBTQ+ Issues and that abortion is normal
  • The NI Assembly have no power to change this curriculum in the future. 

This only ends when Section 9 is gone!

Our sister organisation, Abolish Abortion NI, have an open letter to the leaders of all Stormont parties demanding that Section 9 is repealed and control is returned to Stormont before an Executive is formed later this year.

Thousands have already signed. Will you? Click the button below to add your name to the open letter.